Emily Jeremiah and Fleur Jeremiah unite as a multi-lingual mother and daughter translation team. Emily has an MA in Creative Writing and a PhD in German Studies. Fleur, her mother, is Finnish and has translated both fiction and non-fiction for many years. Emily and Fleur have co-operated on translating the poetry of Helvi Juvonen and Sirkka Turkka and are the translators of The Brothers, Peirene No 7. 


Emily on Mr Darwin’s Gardener:
'Mr Darwin's Gardener is a daring, witty and profound book. The work meditates on loss, love, yearning - and the meaning of life, no less - and it does so with charm and originality. Its technique is dazzling; the narrative hops in and out of the villagers' heads, conjuring a whole community. The text is also uncompromisingly odd, and in its refusal to stick to convention, it provokes fresh perspectives and new, humane insights. Having been bowled over by the book, I hoped to capture its qualities and, through the translation, convey the marvel I myself felt upon reading.'


Fleur on Mr Darwin’s Gardener:
'This extraordinary book gives concrete yet poetic form to a still topical controversy: creationism versus Darwin’s theory of evolution. I love the way the concepts are brought to life. Their significance to the community and the individual characters is shown through the depiction of communal activities and of the natural environment. The central figures, Charles Darwin’s gardener Thomas and his children, illustrate a reconciliation of apparently contradictory philosophies. The novella, written in an original language that presents a huge challenge to any translator, has an amazingly rich texture and, like the best fiction, it offers a deft illumination of complex ideas.'