'An incredibly interesting and evocative novella.' The Literary Sisters


''Richard Weihe weaves a story that moves between fact and fiction, threading the two together into a full-bodied story of the painter’s life, marked by both external upheaval and a gradual inner tranquillity that is manifested through brush, ink, and stroke.' The Culture Trip


"My local community centre runs a Chinese brush painting class but having read this book I can’t see how contemporary Western artists can get anywhere near the essence of the art – all they can do is copy the outward appearance." A Common Reader


'Sea of Ink is one of those books which sticks with the reader and is more appreciated in the days after turning the last page. ' Caribousmom


"You need not be an artist to relate to Shanren’s life and perspective. That is the beauty of Weihe’s writing." Of Books and Reading

"Like the art itself, this book is composed of minimal brushstrokes that describes Bada Shanren’s journey with just enough light and shade to reveal the tale in all its depth, allowing the tale to almost tell itself, and again like the art work it does this with a wonderful degree of subtlety." The Parish Lantern


"The book offers an insight into a period of history of which I knew precisely nothing, and introduced me to an artist and style of painting that were equally unfamiliar." A discount ticket to everywhere


"The effect is somewhat like a Chinese Russian doll, with identity concealed within identity." Blogbook


'To read Sea Of Ink is to have a history lesson, art lesson, and language lesson at once. ... Sea Of Ink, about art in its many forms, transcends the usual notions of appeal; it is far from restricted to those who have an interest in its most obvious aspects.' The Worm Hole


"I found I needed peace and quiet to sink into the book and let it sink into me - at times taking a break at the end of a chapter instead of rushing madly on to the next." Our Book Reviews Online


"The relationship between expression, depiction, formal skill, and creativity is one of the central concerns of Richard Weihe’s subtle and suggestive novella." Words of Mercury


"Weihe’s poetic prose style works as a way of drawing a history out of these paintings, which he has succeeded in doing very well, to the point where I think the narrative supersedes the paintings." Annexe Magazine


"The book manages to pack an awful lot into a very few pages, and it does it while using language and imagery that is often quite beautiful." Page Plucker


"A calm and meditative read that will reward you with an enormous sense of relaxation if you can absorb it in a single sitting." Just William's Luck


"The language is lovely, the tale is simply told and I loved that Weihe imagined the process of Bada Shanren painting his most famous pictures." Tolstoy is my Cat


"Sea of Ink is beautiful and sad, and I think it will really appeal to anyone with an interest in art, history, philosophy, and poetry. So, most of you then!" Little Words


"Sea of Ink is wonderfully immersive ... Richard Weihe’s writing is sparse enough to leave Bada Shanren’s painting to speak for itself, and in just one hundred pages encapsulates an historical saga and a rich life." My Book Year