'I am not a great reader of crime literature and that is exactly why I love this novel, because it combines a crime mystery and suspense with gorgeous literary language. It is SO different yet still belongs beautifully within the crime fiction tradition.' LDN by Lea


'Juul’s writing is both matter-of-fact and heartrending, and she is able to masterfully build up atmosphere and add to the story using just a few words and phrases.' Kirsty Hewitt, Nudge


'An absorbing, bewildering, touching read, which almost made me late for work one morning as I couldn't put it down.' Tolstoy is my Cat


'Grief has been like that for me too; a roller-coaster of emotions and the constant worry of whether you are grieving properly or not.' Tiny Library


'The words are direct, the sentences sometimes feel sparse and the narrative might also seem slow to some, however what makes the book so wonderful is precisely all of those qualities.' Of Books and Reading


'Juul uses a strange and unexpected murder to comment on grief, on friendships and love, on the nature of regret, and, perhaps more than anything else, on the complexity of public persona versus private feeling—that unknowable corner of the individual, the innermost realm, the censored thought and secret longing.' Necessary Fiction


'Once you’re this far into the story you’ll go along with every unreliable word and enjoy the whole for what it is, a well-told take on bereavement, detachment, and a refusal to be shackled by conventions.' Sabotage


'The Murder of Halland packs a lot of punch in a short number of pages. It is a sometimes bizarre, always twisting journey down a path of grief and dark secrets. The ending startled me and was somewhat baffling. Indeed, I paged back to the beginning and began to read again.' Caribousmom


'The Murder of Halland is the type of thriller that gives the genre a great name, it’s intelligent, thought provoking, It asks questions, whilst doing so in a manner that doesn’t give you a list of pat, generic answers, leaving you to ponder any answers for yourself.' Parrish Lantern


'Peirene Press has produced yet another startlingly sharp novel. It’s the first of theirs that I wanted to throw, that had me arguing out loud over a character's bad decisions and pouting at their lack of response, but one that immediately pulled me back in.' The Black Sheep Dances


'a sharp, witty and well observed piece' Lisa's Books


'It offers an intellectual challenge to the reader to experience something different to the norm, and I am glad to have been open to this experience and to have read this work.' The Little Reader Library


'If there’s one thing reading Peirene Press’s translations for the last year or so has taught this reviewer, it’s that she needs to time her readings with when she is most mentally awake. The Murder of Halland, like Tomorrow Pamplona before it, is an incredibly complex novella that runs to the rooftops screaming a need to be discussed.' The Worm Hole


'It's a book full of questions with few answers, Bess is an unreliable narrator, she's also hard to like - but she's easy enough to empathise with. I feel like this book shouldn't have worked for me, but it did.' Desperate Reader


'The Murder of Halland is a wonderful little book, a play on a detective novel with a plethora of clues, red herrings and characters suspicious by their very presence scattered throughout its pages.0 Tony's Reading List 


'an elegy on grief and the inability to fully comprehend the human heart, it is a beautiful piece of work.' Crime Fiction Lover

'a witty, modern little tale that resembles a murder story only in a deconstructed sense' Book Oxygen


'A strange and surreal book, but one that is infinitely clever and definitely recommended.' Little Words Review


'So I staretd to reread almost straightaway.' To Be Read


'Nobody behaves quite how you’d expect...it’s all weird, and yet it all rings true, because in real life people are weird and they do behave in unexpected ways.' Andrew Blackman


'The Murder of Halland, while not a normal light-hearted summer recommendation, is one that can be read in a single sitting and will keep you engaged and interested. I highly recommend it. And rest assured there are laughs to be had.'The Rant and Rave