"Every page bristles with tension as unspoken family secrets clamour to reveal themselves in a dark kaleidoscope of cinematic prose." L. C. Broad, The Oxford Culture Review


"A proper grown-up book, with epic themes and the calm yet passionate authority of the timeless horse who tops and tails the book with a snorting, rueful peace. A Small Epic indeed." Tolstoy is my Cat

"It is a wonderfully written book though, and well worth reading for the atmosphere alone." Tiny Library


"The Brothers feels longer than its 122 pages, in the best possible way." Following the Threat


"Nordic, flash with fights, with lust, with war, gaming debts and family secrets, The Brothers is made of dramatic and grandiose stuff. It is deserving of fringed velvet curtains, the clamour of crowds." Olivia Heal


"Reading this novella made me glow and love and long to talk to my Finnish friends again, and therefore, I couldn’t help but love Peirene Press’ latest addition to their line of novellas." Iris on Books


"Made me think of Alan Bennett’s TV show Talking Heads, (written for BBC television -1988) creating a multiple narrative that’s dark and full of a foreboding that is as chilling as winter." The Parrish Lantern


"This is an excellent, elegant piece of writing, one I'm sure will stand up to rereading." Tony's Reading List


"I really can't emphasize the taut and bare style of the work enough without saying "tension" repeatedly. So, let me just throw it out there: tension. Everywhere." The Black Sheep Dances


"Sahlberg’s story may be historical, but there is a great deal that is relevant on an eternal level. Intriguing, mesmerising, upsetting in so many ways, and always surprising, The Brothers proves that length and time are not necessary ingredients in order to take a person on an immense journey." The Worm Hole


"The Brothers' is one of those books which ticks lots of boxes I normally avoid (historical novel, written by a man, family saga, not British, contemporary...) but I trust Peirene." Desperate Reader


"All this in 122 pages of exquisite English. The mother and daughter translation team formed by Emily and Fleur Jeremiah has a lot to be proud of!" Book After Book


"The Brothers makes the sweep of history personal and shows its impact on individuals, on people with whom we can identify much more easily than we can with kingdoms, empires or their rulers. That’s what The Small Epic is all about, and that’s its great strength." Sabotage


"The combination of a slowly unfolding plot and dark but subdued prose is a tightly-wound tale whose intensity is in its brevity." The Book and I could be Friends


"If you get the chance to sit down on a cold, dark evening and read the book in a single sitting as I did then it provides a perfect little (and yet epic) entertainment; very much the literary cinema that it claims to be. Think Bergman. And Shakespeare of course." Just Williams Luck


"The Brothers is another wonderful offering from Peirene Press - one which might top Portrait of The Mother as a Young Woman by Friedrich Christian Delius as my favourite." Our Book Reviews Online


"Don’t imagine that it has little content. I’ve read 800 page novels with less action, emotion and punch than this book." Louise Reviews


‎"This is whispered rage. Devastating and dark. But always quiet." Necessary Fiction


'A fantastic epic saga that the author has successfully restricted to 112 pages. Now that’s restraint! For lovers of Burial Rites and Wolf Winter.' Orange Pekoe Reviews