The Guardian Paperback of the Year 2011: "incredibly weird and unclassifiable"


"clever and enticing" Times Literary Supplement


‎"Not since Julio Cortázar's game of Hopscotch ... has an author so daringly undertaken to challenge the reader." Amanda Hopkinson, The Independent


"Hotschnig's stories have the weird, creepy and ambiguous quality of disturbing dreams. .. It is, though, very refreshing to be confronted by stories which so firmly refuse to yield to conventional interpretation." Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian


"This award-winning collection by the Austrian writer Alois Hotschnig drew comparisons with Kafka. But Hotschnig’s quietly terrifying voice is all his own." Daily Mail 


"Intriguing and powerful, Maybe This Time perfectly captures the sense of abandonment, the unpalatable truths, the trickery and the nihilism that have driven our desperate bid to find both a sense of identity and a firm footing in the bewildering and uncharted waters of the 21st century." Pamela Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post


"These stories... demonstrate Hotschnig's impressive talent at creating and drawing the reader into psychological terrains that are at once familiar and strange." Pamela Saur, Journal of Austrian Studies, University of Nebraska Press


"What one takes away from these delicately written, almost dreamlike snapshots, lucidly translated from Austrian German by Tess Lewis, is a vivid sense of life’s fragility." Lucy Popescu, Tribune Magazine


"This little book is a triumph."  New Books Magazine


"Its style forces us to reconsider our ways of reading and our childlike dependency on narrative authority." The Arts Fuse

 "Alois Hotchnig’s newly translated collection is an uncomfortable journey, but one made extremely rewarding by innovative narrative and pace." California Literary Review


“Hotschnig’s prose dramatizes the voice of conscience and the psychological mechanisms we use to face reality or, just as often, to avoid it.” World Literature Today

“Literary precision that has become rare in today’s gossipy, discursive fiction.” Neue Züricher Zeitung


“He is one of the best writers of his generation.” Süddeutsche Zeitung