"These stories... demonstrate Hotschnig's impressive talent at creating and drawing the reader into psychological terrains that are at once familiar and strange." Pamela Saur, Journal of Austrian Studies, University of Nebraska


"Alois Hotschnig’s collection of short stories Maybe This Time is like a visit to the House of Mirrors in a dark forgotten amusement park; you will only see your reflection: distorted, but still yours. Like a David Lynch film, you know that a part of you understands what it is all about, even though you can’t properly articulate it." Georgia Panteli


"I really enjoyed the Hotschnig. The first story is an excellent opening to the book, and I thought the one about Uncle Walter was terrific, reminding me of both Beckett and Ionesco without belonging to the genre of 'the absurd'. Then the final tale reminded me of an episode from the 1980 TV series 'Hammer House of Horror', about a man who keeps on waking up out of a succession of dreams." Jamie Bulloch