"What happens within those readable paragraphs is the stuff of nightmare. This is not bargain basement horror. Hotschnig does something much more daring; he changes our perception of reality." entartetemusik.com


" Alois Hotschnig’s stories ... are stark, beautiful, certainly uncanny. With this collection of short stories, Hotschnig shows himself to be undoubtedly one of the contemporary literary greats." Olivia Heal


"reminscent of Roald Dahl’s more macabre tales" ChasingBawa


"I don’t know if it’s my musicals obsessed mind but when I heard the title Maybe This Time, I immediately thought of Cabaret and Sally Bowles’ melancholy number lamenting her bad luck. Before I began to read I was expecting stories with a deep sense of loss and sadness, and to a large degree I was right. " Louise Reviews


""Imagine you've walked into a dimly lit room. You think you know what's there but if a spotlight is turned on, the shadows disappear and other things are revealed." Our Book Review Online 


"At the start of each story you think you know what is going on, but by the time you get to the end you no longer have a clue, and somehow I can’t seem to shake the feeling that this is a metaphor for life. We can never quite know what it is we are doing or what it is we are seeing." Notes from the North


"These tales confound, bemuse…unsettle and like some poltergeist that has taken up residence in your mind, they bang and clatter, long after the book is back on the shelf." Parrish Lantern


"To be truthful, I am not even sure how to rate this slim book. It was not something I enjoyed, and yet it is strangely compelling. So, I am doing something here I have never done before – I am leaving this book as “unrated.” " Caribousmom


"They are stories where identity is fluid, shifting and impossible to pin down – the very elusiveness of this identity means it’s not identity at all, but rather a misplaced concept of self that doesn’t equate to reality....I advise you to read it because it’s beautifully done." Sabotage Reviews


"Truly the book is poetry in prose. ... On the surface you have a collection of mostly mundane stories, on another level confusing ones, and on a third deep stories with a powerful message." The Worm Hole


"Alois Hotschnig’s Maybe This Time is a feast of surreal situations that will challenge the way people see themselves and those who surround them." Book after Book


"There’s a dreamlike quality to a lot of the stories, a weird kind of internal consistency that often doesn’t conform to real-world logic but nevertheless feels natural within the slightly warped reality of each story."Andrew Blackman


"In each of these nine nearly flawlessly-crafted tales, the ego shifts or disappears, and with it people become something other than they were or are revealed to never have been who thought they were in the first place. Identity in this rapidly shifting world, the author seems to suggest, no longer means anything."  The Green Integer Blog