FILM RIGHTS SOLD TO UK PRODUCTION COMPANY FIRST BORN FILMS. ‘Having just secured the option for Jan van Mersbergen's novel 'Tomorrow Pamplona' - after discovering it through the excellent English translation produced by Peirene Press - we are very excited about turning this gripping, layered and beautifully constructed book into a film.’ Carey Born, Director, First Born Films Ltd


"Inevitably, the Pamplona festival evokes Ernest Hemingway. Van Mersbergen avoids Hemingway's contagious style with dexterity. Instead, he parodies Hemingway's rather limited ideas on how a man of action should live. ... No "grace under pressure". Rather, Danny and Robert, both alienated, replace normal feelings with their different obsessions." The Independent


"As he tracks back and forth between the dual narratives, moving inexorably to the double climax, van Mersbergen skilfully builds emotional intensity until the point when the boxer and bulls' fury are finally unleashed." The Independent on Sunday


"An impressive work from a leading Dutch writer."  Daily Mail


"Translated with insight and empathy by Laura Watkinson, this is an intriguing and intricate gem of a novel ... van Mersbergen’s tightly controlled prose skilfully conveys the overriding sense of repressed emotion and sheer physicality that drive a compelling and complex story." Lancashire Evening Post


"Flawlessly translated from Dutch ... A book that is likely to divide readers, possibly along gender lines." Adrian Turpin, Financial Times


"A refreshing change from the byzantine complexities of all too many contemporary novels." New Books Magazine

“An intense reading experience…Van Mersbergen tells what needs to be told and not a word more.” De Morgen

“A road movie in book form … one of the best books I’ve read this year.” Radio Bremen

“Van Mersbersbergen proves to be the strong silent one in our literature.” Volkskrant

“Van Mersbergen writes a stripped-down, poetic, driving kind of prose, without lapsing into Rocky-type romance or weak Hemingway imitations.” VPRO Gids