Irish Times Top Titles 2012: "A little gem about loss."


Longlisted for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize 2012"cunning and gripping"


The Independent Books of the Year 2011: "A vertiginous story of a life reviewed and revised with trap-door surprises that make it a good companion for Julian Barnes."


The Guardian Paperback of the Year 2011"A heartbreaking tale of loss."


"I enjoyed it enormously. It was particularly rewarding to be taken down some dark allies but to be lead out into the sun at the end. If that makes Politycki 'populist' and 'old fashioned' I rejoice in both. Reminded me of Dickens." Tom Alban, BBC Radio 4


"Inventive and deeply affecting, this remarkable fiction lingers in the mind long after the last page has been turned." The Independent


"This is a tale of a marriage gone awry and the potential loneliness of cohabitation ... but Matthias Politycki leavens his grim tale with playful teasing of his reader's expectations."TLS


"A teasing, testing story that makes you want to revisit and seek out those fascinating fragments you might just have missed."Lancashire Evening Post


"In this elegantly realised novella, Politycki dissects a failed marriage with acute psychological insight and reminds us of how swiftly a breakdown in communication can make our own and others' existence unfathomable." The Independent on Sunday


"Powerful, poetic and dizzyingly thought-provoking, Next World Novella is very much a novel about this world, and all the versions of it."


“Politycki’s ambitious novella shows there is still life in this classic genre.“ World Literature Today


"A page-turning pleasure...  this novella has a supreme lightness of touch... It never feels weighed down by its own significance." Rosie Goldsmith, BBC


“An adventure in the shadow land of self encounter from which it is difficult to re-emerge.“ Welt am Sonntag