"For what more could we wish for? A page-turning twister of a tale, playing with versions of reality, whilst its literary tentacles wrap us around in this fantastical and stylish twenty-first century exploration of nothing less than our own Momento Mori. ‘Next World Novella’ is a great two hour read. And an even better two hour re-read. " Morag Charlwood


"There are two delicious and intriguing twists at the end of the novella which made me catch my breath.... This book is the fourth of their stunning collection of European short novellas. This new addition does not disappoint and I congratulate them on their selections, which are all immaculately translated into English and so refreshing to read." Teresa Jewett


"Next World Novella is a genuine page-turner, and the kind of book that you want to tell everyone about as soon as you’ve put it down." think german