''The mix of this serious theme and the hints of comedy really worked for me.' Tiny Library


'Never will I allow flower stems to go fusty in a vase again though, that's for sure!' Tolstoy is my Cat


"Matthias Politycki’s novella is a literary lovesong, where the boundaries between dream and reality, between this world and the next, are constantly being rewritten." Olivia Heal


"A thought-provoking read, I wish it had been longer! In a practical sense, it made me never want to smell cut flowers again, and I certainly will make sure my pathetic short stories are password-protected." The Black Sheep Dances


" I don’t think I have ever read a novel before where a dead character, unless relating the tale from heaven or some such, can take so much control of a piece of fiction or be such an impressive force and shadow over every page. As gripping as it is haunting ‘Next World Novella’ is in my mind a mini-masterpiece. " Savidge Reads


"This is a clever book, short and intense, shifting in mood and tone, showing us two halves of a whole  ... It's a shared life sharply bisected, and a hard look at how we both see and delude ourselves to suit the reality we want to believe in." Cornflower Books


"It’s a clever book that plays out on various levels – what’s that cliché about Chinese boxes? So I suspect the Chinese element of the story is no coincidence. ... And  that terribly impressive thing, an unrelenting look at relationships within a novella of ideas that leaves you thinking and turning the book over in your head for some time afterwards." Love German Books


"Politycki’s novella is one of the best, most impressive, most remarkable books I have ever come across." Sacha & The Silverfish


"I felt the intense sadness of Hinrich and Doro’s inability to communicate." Of Books and Reading


"My preferred reading matter by and large comprises books written by women, written in the past and written in English but two of my stand out books of the last year have been Peirene titles – both written by men, contemporary, and originally written in German. I’m truly grateful to Peirene for sending me both ‘Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman’ and ‘Next World Novella’ " Desperate Reader


"I can’t say enough how much this book drew me in and engrossed me from the first line."Amy Reads


"This is a highly literary, very philosophical little book which packs a big punch." caribousmom

"Dream, reality, and reflection blend into one another, as symbolized by the mystical body of water whose unreachable far shores promise renewal and whose immovability conceals the struggles of a swimmer. The short length of Next World Novella only reinforces its dreamlike atmosphere." This book and I could be friends


"And then, as you reach the last few pages and are starting to draw your conclusions, Politycki will surprise you and will make you want to start reading everything from the beginning. Under 200 pages and so much food for thought!" Book after Book


"All I can say is that I am left in awe of Politycki’s abilities as a writer. His style is beautiful. And I admit that his first 50 pages touched me to the core. There was no “punch in the stomach” effect such as Beside the Sea, not exactly, but in a way this novella got to me on a deeper level." Irisonbooks

"Politycki takes the reader on a journey into the murky depths and undercurrents beneath the seemingly placid surface of this relationship, exploring the deceptions and self-delusions that have kept them together." Our bookreviews online


"I finished this 138-page novella in one evening and thoroughly enjoyed it....I felt the intense sadness of Hinrich and Doro’s inability to communicate, and the way it erodes their marriage and turns love to hate." Andrew Blackman


"I finished the book feeling that I hadn’t quite grasped something about it, and I can’t put into words what that might be. Next World Novella is well worth a look, though" Follow The Threat


"I didn't think I was going to like it, but as I read on I was absolutely captivated and surprised by how it turned out." Cardigangirlverity


"My favourite of Peirene's first three releases, Beside The Sea, had an ending that was quite simply devastating. In its own way their first release for this year has a beginning that packs a comparable punch, although presented in a much softer fashion." William Rycroft, Just Willliam's Luck