Our Reading Guide for Next World Novella with much food for thought. 

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1 What does this story tell us about marriage and

2 Schepp and Doro hold different perceptions of the
afterlife: how does this affect their relationship?

3 Schepp’s eye surgery is a turning point in his life.
Why do you think this is so?

4 Discuss Dana’s role in coming between Schepp and
Doro? Is she innocent?

5 Schepp had written Marek The Drunkard before
even meeting Doro or frequenting La Pfiff and
thus meeting Dana. Discuss how this might be

6 Discuss how Schepp’s perception of his wife’s death
changes throughout the story.

7 In the book there are effectively 3 realities: which,
if any, are real? Which might be dreams?

8 What is the significance of the I Ching sign for
‘Lake’, and the lake in the painting, in the story?

9 How does repetition of phrases and theme feature
throughout the story?

10 The story has effectively two endings. Which one is
real? What effect has that on the overall story?