"Hauntingly, sadly romantic." Amanda, The Women's Room


"What a superb translation.This extraordinary and eloquent novella, a true tour de force, has made me long to find more of Delius's work straightway." Miranda Seymour, author


"I've got my nose deep in in Portrait of the Mother as a Young Woman. What an amazing piece of work." Nina Killham, novelist


"It’s brilliant. Stylistically brave and exciting, he [the author] dares to capture in a single sentence the inner world of a pregnant woman juxtaposed with an outer reality sculpted by momentous social upheaval and event: she has been brought up as a Nazi in Germany and finds herself now a stranger in occupied Italy. All her trepidation is here. Her missing her young husband and her devotion to him. Her terror of venturing out alone on foreign streets under foreign stares. And here too are the remedies, faithfully repeated in interior monologue. Her sense of her unborn child, her husband’s adjurations, and the Reformed Christianity of her upbringing. I could feel how hard and fast she was holding on to all and nothingness, the way we do when all about us is chaos.... And I loved the redemptive power of the musical finale." Kate Ashton, translator and writer