Laura McGloughlin is a young translator from Catalan who received a MA in Literary Translation form the University of East Anglia in 2006. In 2008 her translation of Luisa Cunille’s three act play The Sale was published by Parthian and the translation of Manel Zabala’s short story Fiesta appeared in New Catalan Fiction by Dalkey Archive Press. Peirene has chosen her from among four sample translations because of the accuracy and respect with which she treated the underlying text. 

Paul Mitchell is a barrister with a doctorate in Persian poetry. He has been selected to edit this translation because it was clear form his edits of the four samples that he has understood Conxa’s voice and can bring it beautifully to life in English.

Paul on editing Stone in a Landslide: "A genuinely great work of literature, the story is firmly located in the life of a single Catalan woman but the themes and the humanity of the writing are universal. It's a very short read, but the genius of it still creeps up on you; by a third of the way through - 30 pages - the narrator's experience resonates for you too. An outwardly modest but truly exceptional book."