Our Reading Guide for Stone in a Landslide with much food for thought.

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1 The author has captured a woman’s entire life and the passing of time in a mere 125 pages. How has she achieved that, and has she been effective?

2 Major political events of the 20th century, such as the Spanish Civil War, are described in this book on a very personal level. Why has the author chosen to do that?

3 In many ways Conxa is passive, events are happening to her – she is send to live with her aunt, the Civil War takes away Jaume, she moves to Barcelona because of her son. However, it is also Conxa who tells us the story. How does that reflect on her character?

4 Why is Conxa writing the book?

5 Conxa is not interested in politics and feels that the events of the Civil War are happening to her rather that she is an active part of it. Can we sympathise with Conxa or is such a feeling alien to our present day lives?

6 Why does Conxa fall in love with Jaume, a traveller and political activist?

7 Discuss the meaning of the title in relation to the story.

8 Stone in a Landslide is the story of a Pyrenean woman from the last century. The book describes a lost world. What relevance, if any, does it have to our lives here in the UK?

9 Is the book uplifting or depressing?

10 Is it possible to capture in one sentence the message of the book?