The French controversial bestseller for the first time available in English.

A single mother takes her two young sons on a trip to the seaside. They stay in a hotel, drink hot chocolate and go to the funfair. She wants to protect them from an uncomprehending and cold world. She knows that it will be the last trip for her boys.
A haunting and thought-provoking story about how a mother’s love for her children can be more dangerous than the dark world she is seeking to keep at bay.


Why Peirene choose to publish this book

'This is the most impressive novel about the mother and child relationship I have read. Véronique Olmi handles an aspect of motherhood we all too often deny. She depicts a woman's fear of releasing her children into the world. The simple first person narrative achieves an extraordinary level of poetry and inner truth.' Meike Ziervogel

Translated from the French by Adriana Hunter.

Female Voice Series
120pp, Paperback with Flaps, £8.99
Published February 2010
ISBN 978-0-9562840-2-0
eISBN 978-1-908670-07-6