'It’s hard to say exactly why The Empress And The Cake is so good. It has something to do with the complexity, the number of ideas in it, and the amount of thought that’s gone into it, but enough to say it’s excellent. It’s bizarre, random, and totally unique, and it makes you think, so much.' The Worm Hole


'This book is so incredibly mysterious and complex, and I am definitely going to go for a re-read soon to try and decode this strange modern Austrian fable.' INWORDSANDINK


'No saccharine here, but there is lots of toxic sugar.' Bookword


'A thought-provoking tale of madness, delusion and addiction, an exploration of the way in which the mind is able to construct elaborate and convincing scenarios for itself. Her writing is vivid, often graphically harrowing but there’s a rich vein of dark humour running through it. The coked-up dog and chorusing parrots add a particularly striking dash of lunatic comedy to the proceedings. Not a toothsome tale then but certainly an original and disturbing one which will stay with me for quite some time.' A Life in Books


'I finished the story in a day but the pleasure lingers. You will feel no regrets indulging in this tale.' neverimitate


'Stift is a master at building suspense and presenting an unexpected and frightening conclusion to her psychological thriller. '  The Bookbinders Daughter


'A trip into madness.' Winstonsdad


'The Empress and the Cake may give the initial impression of charming quirkiness, but it is, in fact, grotesque, a reminder that, as Freud discovered, the horrors of this world can lie within the genteel drawing rooms of Vienna.' 1streading 


'Striking...I enjoyed this peculiar tale.' Annecdotal