'a deft fiction of enduring worth... testament to a late-blooming talent.' The TLS


'Intense, urgent.' Eileen Battersby, The Irish Times


'Affectingly restrained.. Impressive. David Mills, The Sunday Times


'In a world where popular culture seems bent on reducing every utterance to its simplest and most commercially viable form, Her Father’s Daughter is a satisfyingly elusive and cagey work which offers no quick fix to the dilemmas faced by its characters.' The Oxford Culture Review


‘This story brings to mind, like a slap in the face, our forgotten childhood memories. We remember the way adults fail to hear the tiny cries of the heart.’ Marie Claire 


‘A delicate, discreet novel. Like its little heroine.’ Sud Ouest Dimanche


‘Sizun’s beautifully controlled and simple story captures the surprisingly clear gaze of a little girl who discovers how adults excel in the art of concealment.’ Le Nouvel Observateur