Here's our reading guide for Her Father's Daughter, to whet your conversational appetites.

1. The novel is set around the Second World War. To what extent does this context impact the story?

2. The story toys with the idea that three is a crowd. How does the family dynamic evolve throughout the novel?

3. France initially sees her father as a stranger, what do you think ultimately brings them closer together?

4. The child never fully connects with the father with the same intensity that characterises her relationship with Li at the beginning. Why do you think this is?

5. How does France deal with the duplicity of her parents?

6. One of the defining features of the novel is the voice. Does it belong to a child or an adult? What do you think the author’s motivations were?

7. Why do you think the child is called France?

8. The novel is based on the author’s own experience. How does this impact the writing?

9. The story looks at the rarely addressed relationship between a father and daughter. What does it say about father/daughter relationships in general?

10. Like many children after the war, France had to adjust to the return of a father who she did not know. Do you think her story is a typical representation of this experience?