Here's our reading guide for The Man I Became, to whet your conversational appetites. 

1. Is The Man I Became really a fairytale or a story of science fiction?

2. What does the story gain by having a Gorilla as it's narrator. Is this always clear?

3. How are the humans in the book noticeably distinguishable from the animals? What sort of language is used to make this distinction?

4. The Man I Became is told in retrospect, as if upon request. What do you imagine is the context of for the story?

5. Why are underpants and mobile phones important to the story?

6. In the grand scheme of Dreamland and the performances under the Dome, what role do the bonobos have to play?

7. Is it worthwhile to consider The Man I Became as an allegory of the real world, or is this detrimental to your interpretation of the story?

8. 'People were streaming into Dreamland for a new day full of miracles... I walked in the stream, protected by the stream, invisible in the stream, going against the stream.' Could this be a metaphor for the way humans behave online?

9. The Human describes Dreamland as 'the end point, the pinnacle'. 'Nobody can go further than Dreamland.' What do you think this means?

10. Why do you suppose the narrator feels the words 'Fail, fail, and fail again. Fail better!' relate to his experiences?