'The Last Summer is a very serious, sharply written socio-political, even feminist treatise under the literary guise of a clever bal masqué...very beautifully translated by Jamie Bulloch.' Bookanista

'A gripping and chilling work, an excellent addition to the Peirene stable and very highly recommended.' Kaggsy's Bookish Ramblings

'Taut and insightful... Beautifully written.' Jackie Law, neverimitate

'For me, that is exactly what The Last Summer is about – trying to understand the people around you and realising that you have precisely no power to do so. It is amazing that in such a short novel, Huch has accomplished something that many authors take hundreds of pages to say.' INWORDSANDINK

'Gripping until the very last letter, The Last Summer is an intense read that will leave you on the edge of your seat.' Food for Bookworms

'A taut psychological drama... Ricarda Huch should be up there alongside the Mann brothers and Hermann Hesse.' Bookblast

'A book which provokes both an emotional and a cerebral reaction – I will certainly be thinking about it for a long time.' Marina Sofia (Finding Time to Write)

'A terrific ending, and a perfectly enjoyable way to spend a winter evening.' Bookish Beck