'I think that The Looking-Glass Sisters may be my favourite Peirene.' Lizzy's Literary Life


'The Looking-Glass Sisters is not a pleasant read – you are entering a cold world without kindness – but I found its icy brilliance fascinating. Ultimately it is asking the question that all literature asks: how should we live our lives?' 1streading's Blog


'Even when you have turned the final page, you will be left reflecting on the sisters' relationship and future. Always the sign of a great story, if it continues to haunt you long after you have finished reading it.' Madhouse Family Reviews


'While The Looking-Glass Sisters is a little longer than most Peirene titles, it has all the hallmarks of the press’ stable of works. It’s a simple tale with a clear, narrow focus, the complexity lying in the interaction between the characters, with many similarities to Peirene’s previous Norwegian novel, The Blue Room.' Tony's Reading List


'The way Gabrielsen counterbalances inherent trust in a narrator with skepticism as the story proceeds is remarkable.' Bookish Beck


'Wonderfully written, straddling a fine line between pathos and revulsion.' Brendan Writes


'The entire novella is deftly shaped, and Gabrielsen’s care and attention to detail mean that one is immediately submerged within the dark, stifling world of our narrator.' The Literary Sisters


'This book is riddled with ambiguity – which is what makes it such a delightfully gripping read ... Gabrielsen keeps you on your toes, rewriting your perception of this sibling relationship and persuading you to constantly reassign your sympathy from one sister to the other.' Food for Bookworms


'This is a book to make those of us who never had sisters thankful for the fact. I don’t know how Peirene manages to find these very powerful and unsettling stories to translate. But I am glad they do.' Finding Time to Write 


'Your interpretation, what you yourself bring to the table, is of great value. You’ve a guiding hand but in many ways, in most ways, this book will be exactly what you make it. (It’d make an excellent book club choice.)' The Worm Hole


'The final book in the Chance Encounter series is a stunner that is the perfect way to finish out this set of novellas.' The Book Binder's Daughter 


This is a brilliant, twisted and totally original story- the ending especially, I thought was stunning. The Little Ripon Bookshop