'A clever, funny, and humane work that champions the power of literature.' David Mills, Sunday Times


'An entertaining, sensuous and, above all, fun outing into the converging worlds of reading, language and sexuality.' Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Evening Post


'Reader for Hire might be the perfect book – written with an elegance whose validity it also questions.' Joanna Walsh, The National


'An excellent new translation of a novel . . . written with a lightness of touch.' Harry Ritchie, Daily Mail


'For the sedentary reader, the solitude can all too easily tip over into loneliness, and from there to a sense that one is missing out on life. If this strikes a chord, inoculate against it with Raymond Jean's Reader for Hire, a Peirene Press novel designed to be read in a single sitting.' Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin (authors of The Novel Cure), Independent


‘A beautiful love declaration to the art of reading. A book that will make you want to read more books.’ Cosmopolitan


‘This elegantly erotic and erudite games-playing has something for everyone: voyeurs will delight in the nudity, poseurs will prefer the many and various striking of attitudes, and penseurs will ponder on the way language is both a lexical and a sexual minefield.’ Time Out