'Marie-Constance was ... an unusual mix of academic yet irresponsible, sensual but reserved and I found her story all the more alluring for it.' Bookshelf Butterfly


'A sly love story to the idea of literature itself, written in beautiful prose.' Workshy Fop


'Marie-Constance knows only too well that when you start off reading, where you end up is a mystery waiting to be solved . . . Why not pick up Reader for Hire and see where your reading takes you?' Tony's Reading List


'A light-hearted romp that whilst making you smile at each situation [Marie-Constance] finds herself in, also highlights the power and joy of reading and the inherent wonder of being read to.' Parrish Lantern's Pomes All Sizes


'A charming celebration of reading.' David's Book World


'A fun, intriguing, and unusual novella that deserves to be one of Peirene’s greatest successes.' Simon Thomas, Shiny New Books


'Unputdownable from start to finish. . . If you love books, I guarantee you’ll fall in love with Reader for Hire.' Food for Bookworms


'Peirene have again chosen an interesting work of fiction that packs an awful lot into less than 200 pages.' Madhouse Family Reviews


'A clever, funny, unique and interesting novella.' The Book Binder's Daughter


'It has much to say about the relationship between reader and book.' Our Book Reviews Online


'An exploratory novella that looks at the power of people in the context of the power of books.' The Worm Hole


'Delightfully entertaining ... It amused me no end.' Curiosity Killed the Bookworm


'A realistic, gritty and playful exploration of the possibilities of literature.' Bookish Ramblings


'Reading aloud [is] an activity with the potential to be very sensual and ... Jean has done a lovely job of extrapolating this concept into an unlikely and yet somehow believable story.' Nose in a Book


'An interesting and thought-provoking read.' Annethology


'I loved this book for allowing me to view the inside of another bibliophile’s imagination.' Dolce Bellezza 


'On the surface, Reader for Hire is a book about books; in reality, it is so much more than that, constructed as it is from a plethora of depths and intrigues.' Kirsty Hewitt, Nudge


'A social satire that attempts to celebrate the joy of reading aloud, willing it to be the life-changing experience it could be, that clearly is not.' Word by Word


'I don’t recall Peirene doing comedy before, but this is de-lic-ious. (Dear Nymph, give me more.)' Lizzy's Literary Life