Adriana Hunter has translated over 50 books from French, including works by Agnès Desarthe, Véronique Ovalde and Hervé Le Tellier. She has already translated for Peirene, Beside the Sea by Véronique Olmi, for which she won the 2011 Scott Moncrieff Prize, and Under The Tripoli Sky by Kamal Ben Hameda. Adriana has been short-listed twice for the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.


Adriana on Reader for Hire:

'When Meike mentioned this book to me it felt like stumbling across an old friend because nearly thirty years ago, when I worked as a film publicist, I handled the publicity for the UK release of Michel Deville’s film La Lectrice – my copy of the book was still on my bookshelves despite 12 house moves in between! I had a lot of fun translating this book; there’s something wonderfully French about it – literary and sexy, thoughtful and very funny. And the central character, Marie-Constance, is a delicious combination of sassiness and naivety.'