'It takes strong nerves to read this book about people brought to the edge of existence. But steel yourself to do so and you won’t be disappointed. Bleak and harsh it certainly is but utterly memorable.' Booker Talk


'I was again left marvelling at the skill of a writer such as Aki Ollikainen to create such a world, and such a moving story in so few words.' fromfirstpagetolast


'A hugely impressive book, one with the feel of a classic in miniature. A timely story conveyed with real skill and gravitas.' JacquiWine's Journal


'A timely reminder of the hopelessness people can face and the impossible choices which result.' 1streading´s Blog


'The desolation, sorrow, fear and hunger of the refugees’ journey are described with a compelling poetry, and timelessly speak of the struggle and determination to survive. A timely and thought-provoking story.' Dave Anderson


'The vivid language of this book made me shutter with sympathetic chills as time and again Marja and her family are denied succor and turned out into the cold.' The Book Binder's Daughter


'Even in the harshest of descriptions a poetic quality shines through the writing.' Parris Lantern's PomesAllSizes


'It sounds tough, and at times it is, but the poverty and desolation is made bearable by the beauty of the writing, not to mention a strain of dark humour from many of the characters.' Kate Gardner, Shiny New Books


'Enjoyable, well written and with an ending which perhaps leads you to consider the rest of the book in a new light, this is definitely one I’ll be picking up again at some point.' Tony's Reading List


'I was really struck by how much White Hunger encompasses in such a small space; it feels like the story of a nation in microcosm.' David's Book World


'It's a story that takes the reader to unknown places - with our centrally-heated houses and shop-bought food we're hardly likely to encounter such conditions, but the unrelenting frozen landscape slowly seeps into even the well-fed, armchair-snuggled reader's mind.' Our Book Reviews Online


'The novel really gets under your skin and most of all, it will simply leave you feeling grateful to be alive.' Food for Bookworms


'...a book of memorial ...a book of hope. Spring arrives at the end of the longest winter. Add this to the language which is highly evocative whether describing landscape or the effects of hunger on the body, and it’s not hard to understand the Man Booker International Prize Longlisting.' Lizzy's Literary Life


'... an unexpected joy to read when considered alongside its subject.' The Worm Hole


'Chilling, unrelenting, horrifying, extraordinary... Its 136 pages are understated but powerful and punch well above their weight.' Eve's Alexandria


'... bleak and powerful plot and almost compulsive readability' Kirsty Hewitt, Nudge