Our reading guide for White Hunger with much food for thought:


1 Does this novel make you feel more sympathetic to the plight of refugees?

2 Although this is a historical novel, what is it about the story that makes it feel contemporary?

3 ‘A novella that feels like a great, huge novel’ (Satakunnan Kansa), how does the author achieve this?

4 What will become of the families Marja and her children stay with on their journey?

5 Do you think this novel has a central character? 

6 Do any of the characters have a meaningful relationship with God?

7 The Senator is a prominent yet mysterious figure in the book; does it matter that we are not fully informed of the story’s politics or do you wish there was more explanation of the historical and political issues?

8 Do you think we are given more insight into the inner lives of the wealthier characters? If so, why might this be important to the story?

9 How does the change in the sexual relations in the book reflect the change in society?

10 Memory, or the lack thereof, is a theme of the book. How does collective memory influence a nation? What implications might it have for the industrial future hinted at in the novel?


You can download the reading guide as a PDF here.